Pet Groomers in Saint John , NB
Pet Groomers in Saint John , NB

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Do you love your pets? Do you like the best for them? Do you want loving, caring groomers that treat their Clients special? Then Dog 'n' Sudz is the place to go for the best service, anywhere, at the best price in town.

Barb & Lisa know how to treat their clients as well as their owners! Loving tender care is the order of the day! They each have some of their own clients so a special bond is formed between them and your pets.

Precious & Princess ( our 2 westies) are the love of our lives and we don't trust them to anyone else! We always get top notch service! We don't expect it.... We can count on it!

Always thankful,
Doug Cooke (Blacks Harbour NB)

I am Louise Cooke from Blacks Harbor NB. I have dealt with Lisa, since May 2010 with my dog, Princess. She is a westie. We all love Lisa. She is very affectionate with both our dogs. We also have another westie, who is 8 months old now as of yesterday. Her name is Precious. I recommend Lisa to everyone we know.

Louise Cooke (Blacks Harbor NB)

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